Sample Luxembourg Compliance Module

Entity Compliance Modules

Corpman’s compliance modules provide practical guidance regarding the recurring obligations for common forms of business and corporate entities in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world, with more jurisdictions to be added. Each compliance module shows the applicable rules, filing requirements, filing deadlines, and meeting requirements. Modules also show information such as the rules for appointing and removing directors and contain an extensive due diligence checklist.

Excerpt from the Sample

A Private Limited Liability Company (S.à r.l.) contains characteristics of both a capital company, in the sense that liability of a shareholder is limited to the amount of its contribution, and the characteristics of a partnership, in the sense that ownership of company shares is restricted. A S.à r.l. is limited to having between 1 to 100 shareholders (also known as partners). Should the number of shareholders exceed this limit, howsoever arising, the company must be transformed into another form of company within one year as from the time at which the limit is exceeded. In principle, shareholders are liable only for the amount of their paid-up capital. A S.àr.l. must have a minimum, fully paid‑up share capital of €……….

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