COMING SOON Entity Management Software

The problem

All businesses today face high-stakes compliance and complex corporate governance issues. Local compliance rules change regularly. Penalties for non-compliance can be high and sometimes include director/officer personal liability for debts of the company. Very few companies have all information about their group’s entities at their fingertips. Keeping on top of the rules and regulations that apply to your (foreign) subsidiaries is hard. Knowing what to file, which board meetings to schedule when, and/or when to re-appoint directors/officers is not transparent and especially when dealing with companies in many different jurisdictions.

Some existing entity management software solutions cover some aspects of the above but no platform on the market incorporates local rules and regulations and maintains these for changes in the law.


Corpman Entity management software


Corpman’s “Entity Management Software” solution is the only entity management platform on the market that combines state of the art software with local rules and regulations in every country for every entity type in your company’s group.

Enter the details of all your group’s entities, wherever they are in the world and Corpman will:

  • Send automated reminders for corporate events and filing deadlines
  • Provide comprehensive dashboard with overview compliance status of the group
  • Provide centralized location for all relevant entity information
  • Include embedded know-how
  • Update know-how on quarterly basis
  • Allow you to create an organizational chart
  • Allow you to generate compliance reports

Local rules and regulations

Corpman’s entity management software incorporates the content of Corpman’s entity compliance modules. Written by senior lawyers and validated by leading law firms in the relevant jurisdictions, the content covers

  • Rules: a detailed description of recurring corporate compliance obligations
  • Knowhow: background information about each entity type
  • Due diligence checklist: checklists per entity type customized according to the rules and naming convention of each entity types jurisdiction


A subscription to Corpman Global Entity Management software provides you with a number of benefits, such as, but not limited to:

  • Never file late again and avoid costly fines
  • Always be updated on legislation changes
  • Ease of monitoring global compliance status of group companies; avoiding potential director’s liabilities
  • One secure centralized location to cooperate and communicate and share information with their your team and outside providers


Corpman Entity Management platform is built with state of the art software. The platform is cloud based. The software is encrypted and for access a 2-factor authentication is required.

Security options

  • Secure access through https
  • Payment processing by Stripe (we don’t store any credit cards)

In a future version, Corpman will offer you features to capture details about your organization. Your data will be protected:

  • Optional two factor authentication
  • Encrypted data
  • Possible single tenant installation on your private cloud

Stay informed

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